TDR Manual

The Turbo Deli Rotisserie is the fastest original rotisserie in the industry, available in 5 or 8 spit. The TDR’s cavity is fed with air, cooking a rotisserie chicken as it is meant to be: crispy and delicious while maintaining an attractive appearance for hours.

The TDR pushes the air throughout the cavity, resulting in an improved heat transfer on the products. It consumes less electricity during the preparation process. Add to this the improved cooking time and you have the most energy efficient rotisserie and a high output.

The double glass doors create a striking, large display section that maximises your products’ visual appeal to customers! It also offers perfect insulation with contact temperatures below 70˚C.

TG 110

The TG cooks chicken and all kinds of meat cuts to perfection and is ideal for convenience stores, butchers' shops and deli departments. Despite its versatility, the TG is very easy to operate. Just set the time and temperature and start the rotisserie.

The TG features the combination of convection and infrared radiation for which Fri-Jado rotisseries are famous. This heating process creates a juicy product with an evenly cooked, crispy skin: a real taste experience.

The parts in the oven cavity of the rotisserie are removable, as well as the fat drawer that drains fat through a valve. This shortens the time needed for cleaning, reduces labour costs and allows your operators to spend their valuable time on what’s most important: attending to your customers. The TG 110 has 4 spits.

Turbo Deli Rotisserie는 회전통닭 머신중에 가장 빠르며 5개또는 8개의 통닭 걸이를 가지고 있습니다. 

바삭하고 맛있는 최적의 시간으로 먹음직한 통닭의 모습을 유지 시키고 최종 결과를 만들어 냅니다.